Steel Structures in the South African Farming Sector

In the ever-evolving landscape of South African farming, traditional methods have started giving way to innovative infrastructure solutions. With challenges increasing, farmers are turning their focus towards sturdier, more cost-effective, and durable options. Steel structures, owing to their immense potential, have become increasingly popular. Prominent in this expanding market is SpanAfrica Steel Structures, a name synonymous with quality and commitment.

SpanAfrica: Steadfast in Excellence Since 1992

From our inception in 1992, we, at SpanAfrica have carved a niche for ourselves in the steel industry, going beyond service to understanding the ever-evolving needs of our diverse clientele. Having successfully completed over 4200 projects across sectors like agriculture, industry, commercial, and housing our dedication to design, manufacturing, installation, and project management is unparalleled. A level 7 CIDB grading affords us the opportunity of taking on projects up to R40 000 000.

Navigated by our skilled Project Managers, SpanAfrica has not only etched its presence in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands but has also established a legacy marked by quality, diligence, and community-driven endeavours.

Pre-Engineered Excellence

In the domain of pre-engineered structures, SpanAfrica proudly showcases a portfolio that combines functionality, durability, and affordability. Each structure, be it a storage warehouse, protective farm shed, or a functional steel workshop, reflects our commitment to surpassing expectations.

The success of our steel structures stems from the seamless integration of cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, top-quality materials, and a team that boasts over 120 years of combined experience. Each creation by SpanAfrica represents more than just a structure; it embodies our commitment to excellence and sustainability.

SpanAfrica: An Unrivalled Choice for Agricultural Fortitude

In a competitive industry, SpanAfrica rises as the gold standard, especially within the agricultural sphere. This distinction can be attributed to:

– Custom Solutions for Every Farm: Every farming venture is unique, and SpanAfrica, understanding this, offers customised solutions tailored to individual needs.

– Quality Meets Affordability: Without compromising on quality, SpanAfrica combines high-quality products with affordable pricing.

– Enduring Resilience: Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, every SpanAfrica structure stands as a testament to resilience.

– Effortless Installation: SpanAfrica buildings ensure quick, efficient, and hassle-free installations.

Whether it’s the urban sprawl of Cape Town or the rural landscapes of Africa, SpanAfrica’s structures are reflective of our company’s commitment to the South African farming community.

Project Spotlight: Agricultural Innovations with SpanAfrica

Poultry: This Poultry project bears testimony to the trust placed in SpanAfrica by our recurring clients. Tasked with the challenge of crafting a pellet factory standing at a towering 14.5m and spanning 288m², our team rose to the occasion. Given its proximity to the coast, the steel was Hot Dip Galvanised to counter coastal elements. Additionally, ridge vents were incorporated, ensuring a steady release of hot air and any potential natural gas.

The Outpost Banana Farm: Situated outside the holiday town of Southbroom, flanking the Kwa-Zulu Natal’s Dolphin Coast, this project is an epitome of innovation meeting aesthetics. Erected amidst a banana plantation, the structure serves as a safe storage location for farm equipment. With cladding on only three sides, it eliminated the need for insulation and ventilation, underscoring SpanAfrica’s ability to tailor solutions and be cost effective.

Macadamia Nut Farm: This project involved crafting a 15 x 30 x 6 de-husking plant near a picturesque dam. The structure featured a 0.47mm wide span Colorplus sheet with a bullnose finish. The 12-degree roof pitch was designed for optimal rainwater runoff and the inclusion of a 15 x 3 x 4 lean-to and translucent sheeting for natural light showcased SpanAfrica’s attention to detail and client preferences.

Pig Farm: Located just outside Underberg, this project encapsulates the transformative capability of SpanAfrica. The client’s existing shed, showing signs of wear, was replaced with three structures: Dry Sow Shed (8 x 30.9 x 2.9), Farrow & Weener Shed (8 x 25 x 2.9), and the Grower Shed (10.5 x 42 x 2.9). Featuring 30mm Iso Board for insulation and graded 0.58mm wide span Z275 galvanised sheeting, these sheds are a testament to SpanAfrica’s commitment to marrying functionality with quality.

Empowering Employment and Nurturing Skill Development
Beyond the world of steel and structures, we take immense pride in our role as an equal opportunities’ employer. With a continuous focus on training and skill enhancement, the company ensures its employees are not just equipped for their current roles but are also prepared for future opportunities, reinforcing its industry dominance.

Cultivating Relationships and Growing Together
To SpanAfrica, every project is not just a business transaction but a partnership. Our involvement doesn’t cease post-completion. We immerse ourselves, ensuring we remain an invaluable part of every community we serve.

SpanAfrica’s steel structures represent agricultural progress and a commitment to community empowerment. Ready for the future, SpanAfrica aims to grow with South Africa’s agricultural community.

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