Steel Structures for Every Need

In the rapidly evolving industrial landscape of today, the demand for infrastructural solutions that are durable, reliable, and cost-effective is undeniable. Steel structures have emerged as the definitive answer. At SpanAfrica Steel Structures, we answer this call by crafting versatile solutions for every sector across South Africa.

SpanAfrica: Your One-Stop Solution Across Industries

Whether you’re in the throes of the commercial hustle or seeking structures for community-centric spaces like churches and schools, we have showcased versatility in our structural endeavours. Our offerings span a vast spectrum, making us a premier choice for steel building needs in South Africa.

Agriculture: Agriculture isn’t just a sector; it’s our history and heritage. Since our inception in 1992, it has been the bedrock upon which our company’s growth has been anchored. From farm sheds to storage warehouses and prefabricated solutions, we are proud to say we’ve bolstered South Africa’s agricultural backbone.

Spanning Southern Africa, our extensive experience in regional agricultural sectors is unmatched. With over 2000 agricultural buildings under our belt, we are more than builders: we’re community partners. We’re on the ground, engaging in social activities and making frequent visits to farming districts. We understand that each farmer is unique, and we’re here to cater to your individual needs.

Poultry Farm
Nestled about 45 minutes from PMB lies one of our proud ventures – a project that stands as a testament to our dedication to the agricultural sector. As chicken farms expand, we were proud to contribute with a chicken layer measuring 15m x 117m. A roof pitch of 10 degrees, it effectively harvests rainwater into storage tanks. Built with graded 0.5mm Widespan Z275 Galvanised sheets and finished in QD Industrial grade enamel, this project showcases our tailored approach, in alignment with the client’s specific requirements.

Industrial: When businesses think of steel workshops, warehouses, and other pivotal structures, we want them to think of us. Our competitive pricing coupled with unparalleled quality makes us a top pick for many.

Our industrial wing is adept at handling a myriad of requests, from standard buildings optimised for cost-effectiveness to tailor-made structures crafted to specific client demands. Whether it’s a brand-new project or adding to existing structures, we have the expertise and versatility to deliver.

Truck Sales Port Shepstone
Truck retailers, known for their expertise in commercial vehicle sales, now sports a robust steel structure, thanks to our team. The 12m x 18m x 5m structure, serving as their offices and stores, is built with Chromadek Z275 in Traffic Green sheeting- a testament to its durability. It’s lightweight yet robust, promoting cost and time savings. With a 12-degree roof pitch and Factorylite insulation, it’s energy-efficient.

Commercial: Be it compact shops or sprawling commercial spaces, our steel structures are designed with one thing in mind – serving your commercial needs with robustness and longevity.

South Coast
In the picturesque locale of Port Edward on the Dolphin Coast, we embarked on a project initially intended as a Macadamia Shed. With a roof pitch of 15 degrees, Alucushion insulation, and a Grey Etch Primer finish, this structure is a representation of versatility in commercial steel structures.

Housing and Community: With pre-fabricated homes becoming increasingly popular in South Africa, we are at the forefront, offering structures that are not just cost-effective but also of superior quality. Beyond homes, our steel structures are also trusted choices for community halls, reinforcing our commitment to bringing people together.

Catholic Church
We were entrusted with the task of ensuring a comfortable worship environment for a Catholic Church in Durban. The 15 x 30 x 4 roofing structure, fabricated with 0.5mm IBR Chromadek sheeting and finished in BattleShip Grey QD Enamel, perfectly serves the purpose. With Alucushion insulation ensuring energy efficiency and a 20-degree roof pitch for effective rainwater harvesting, the structure stands as a testament to our dedication to community spaces.

What Sets SpanAfrica Apart?

Our distinct footprint across varied projects speaks for itself. Our unwavering focus on delivering cost-effective solutions without compromising on best practices is our hallmark. From advising stakeholders to providing an array of project management solutions, our comprehensive approach ensures each project resonates with quality and precision.

For any industry, for any need, SpanAfrica Steel Structures stands ready to build the future, one steel beam at a time.

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