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As a leading supplier of quality steel structures since 1992, we have forged a name for ourselves in this challenging sector by focusing on our clients’ needs, and the specific requirements and conditions within which our pre – engineered steel buildings will be used. We specialize in the design, fabrication and installation of steel structures for a wide variety of uses, including agriculture, industry and commerce, churches and schools.

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We have one of the most experienced teams in the field and their knowledge of the agricultural, commercial, industrial, school and church environments is extensive. Not only have they been responsible for the successful completion of over 10,000 steel structures but their knowledge of diverse conditions and elements has enabled us to add real value during the design, fabrication and installation phases. Clients often come back to us for further advice once the steel structures have received some fairly hardy wear and tear and we enjoy working alongside them to maximize the building’s effectiveness.

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At SpanAfrica Steel Structures®, we believe in actively supporting and giving back to the local community. We recognise the vital role that corporate business plays in our economy, and we encourage our staff and management to seek opportunities for involvement. As part of our social responsibility initiatives, we sponsor golf days, assist with building projects at local creches, donate sports facilities to rural schools, and provide manpower at various events. We take pride in engaging with and contributing to our communities. We’re also proud to have sponsored some exciting events, such as the Pirates Lifesaving Club in the SA Lifesaving Champs 2023 and the SpanAfrica® KZN10s Rugby Festival. At SpanAfrica®, we’re committed to making a positive impact on the lives of those around us.

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We have provided the African communities with steel structures in the Agricultural, Industrial, 
Commercial, Housing and other sectors since 1992.

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Our Services

Since 1992, we have focused on four key elements in our business – the design process, our manufacturing systems, the installation and project management of our structures.

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TDM Business Park

Structure Size: Over 9,500m² & 5 Structures in Total Date: June 2021 Sheeting Spec: 0.47mm IBR 686 (Slate) & Translucent Roof Pitch: 8 Degrees Insulation: Allucushion Steel Finish Spec: QD En...

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Roofco Kuilsrivier

Structure Size: 38.540 x 67.976 x 9 Date: 2022 Sheeting Spec: Supplied and fitted by client Roof Pitch: 10 Degrees Insulation: Supplied and fitted by client Steel Finish Spec: 1 coat QD Enamel Ventila...

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Mt Verde Storage Shed

Structure Size: 18 x 26 x 3.5 Portal Frame with a 5 x 19,5 x 3.5 leanto on either side. Date: September / October 2021 Sheeting Spec: 0.5mm Widespan Chromadek – Gemsbok ​ Roof Pitch: 12 Degrees I...

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Butt Farms

SpanAfrica steel structures has successfully completed yet another project, showcasing our expertise and dedication. With meticulous attention to detail, SpanAfrica steel structures ensures the use of...

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Hilton Siding Shopping Centre

We have completed yet another project with great success. This particular project is located in the heart of Hilton. Introducing the Hilton Siding Shopping Centre, a magnificent establishment. This pr...

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10,000m² factory in Prospecton

SpanAfrica has once again achieved success with the completion of another remarkable project. Situated in Prospecton, the factory spans an impressive 10,000 square meters, solidifying SpanAfrica’...

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VW Midbay

Structure Size: 23.8m x 73.17m x 5.67m Date: 2014 Roof Pitch: 8 Degrees Insulations: None due to the open sides Steel Finish Spec: QD Enamel Ventilation: None Structure Use: Car Dealership This projec...

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Royal Tea Packers

Structure Size:15 x 120 x 6 Date:October 2020 Sheeting Spec:0.47 IBR Slate Roof Pitch: 12 Degrees Insulation: Alucushion Steel Finish Spec: Grey Etch Primer Ventilation:None This portal frame 15 x 120...

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RicRoy Properties

Structure Size:30 x 100 x 6.5 Date:2022 Sheeting Spec:0.47 Colourplus Roof Pitch:15Degrees Insulation: Alucushion Steel FinishSpec:Grey Etch Primer Ventilation:None Structure Use:Warehouse This projec...

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Richmond Coffins

Structure Size:20 x 50 x 6 Date:May 2021 Sheeting Spec:0.47mm Widespan Zincal Sheeting–AZ150 -Gable cladding down 6m from the eves on 2 gables -Side cladding down 6m from the eves on 2 sides -Transl...

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Phoenix Cash & Carry (PMB)

Structure Size:50,026 x 70.792 x 8 Date:Oct 2021 Sheeting Spec:IBR Colour Plus in SeaSpray Roof Pitch:5 Degrees Insulation: Alucushion Steel FinishSpec: 1 x coat Q.D Grey Enamel Ventilation:None Struc...

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PG Bison Boksburg

Structure Size:47.5 x 119 x 7.5 (5652.5m³) Date: 2022 Sheeting Spec:0.53mm Novatexi 440 Colour plus Roof Pitch:8Degrees Insulation: 50mm Starlite White Steel Finish Spec:2 coast QD Enamel (Battleship...

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Hammersdale Hyper

This furniture and appliance store which measures 1,900m² was designed, fabricated & erected in the heart of Hammersdale KwaZulu-Natal to service the local community. Thank you for choosing SpanA...

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Bargain Wholesalers Port Shepstone

Structure Size:17.4 x 47.5 x 6.7(826.5m²) plus 17.4 x 47.7 x 6.6 (826m²) Plus 20 x 47.7 x6.6 (954m²) Date:2023 Sheeting Spec:0.53 AZ200 Roof Pitch:Degrees Insulation: Alucushion Steel Finish Spec: ...

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Aksons Haval PMB

Structure Size: 17 x 28 x 6 Date: July 2020 Sheeting Spec: 0.53 IBR Colorplus AZ150 Roof Pitch:5 Degrees Insulation: Alucushion Steel Finish Spec:1 coat QD Enamel Ventilation:None Use: Car Showroom (H...

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Riversmead Poultry

  It’s always a pleasure servicing existing customers. We were called in to design, fabricate, supply and erect the pellet factory measuring 288m² however at a height of 14,5m.  The steel fin...

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Currys Post Hangar

Structure Size: 15 x 12 x 4 Year: 2019 Sheeting Spec: IBR 0.5mm Colourplus Roof Pitch:  15 Degrees Insulation: None Steel Finish Spec: QD Enamel Ventilation: None Structure Use: Helicopter Hangar In ...

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Continental Cars

Structure Size: 14.1 x 32.6 x 6.705 – 5.260 Monopitch Date: November 2021 Sheeting Spec: 0.47 IBR Zincal in Thunderstorm Grey Roof Pitch: 15 Degrees Monopitch Insulation: Alucushion Steel Finish Spe...

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Boxer Port Edward


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Build It Port Edward

Structure size: 25 x 60 x 5.5 (1500m²) Date: September 2014 Sheeting spec: Bullnose Finish Roof pitch: 12 Degrees Insulation: Alucushion Steel Finish Spec: QD Enamel Ventilation:Ridge Vents ...

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The Outpost Banana Farm

Insulation: None Steel Finish Spec: Hot Dip Galvanized Ventilation: None Structure Use: This project is situated in the tranquil holiday town of Southbroom on Kwa-Zulu Natal’s Dolphin Coast. This st...

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Macadamia Farms Jacarnada

Structure Size: 12 x 18 x 5 (Adding onto a 12 x 30 x 5 existing structure) Date: December 2019 Sheeting Spec: 0.5mm Widespan 762mm Rain Forest + Opal Ampa 1 per Bay Roof Pitch: 12 Degrees Insulation: ...

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Macadamia Nut Farm Rottenberg Estate

This 15 x 30 x 6 de-husking plant was set not far from the dam offering stunning picturesque views as the footage rightfully shows. The sheeting of choice was the 0.47mm widespan Colorplus sheet with ...

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Macadamia Nut Farm – Philip King

This 20m x 30m x 6.5m structure was designed to serve as a workshop storage facility for our client’s farm machinery in Paddock. The sides of the workshop structure was cladded a third of the way do...

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Lamington Pig Farm

This piggery project is situated just outside Underberg. Our client was using an old shed however it was in desperate need of repair. Our client wanted to grow his operation and therefore called on us...

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Pidelta Greytown

This potato storage shed measuring 20 x 36 x 5 was erected near Greytown next to an existing shed. There was no need for ventilation as we only cladded one side and one gable end. The 12 degree pitch ...

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Four Feet Farming

Another successful project! This project is situated around 45 minutes outside of PMB. With the expansion of chicken farms, we are more than happy to assist and work with the turnkey contractors or di...

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Raddical Park Ballito

Architectural metal along South African coastlines have a tough job dealing with salty air, wind, moisture and storms. So when the call for new prefabricated steel warehouses and mini-factories was re...

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Radds Transport Workshop

We built a steel workshop for Radds Transport in Richards Bay for vehicle fleet safety and plant hire. In line with the company’s motto, “Driving Progress”, Span Africa steel was chosen as build...

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Rhino Truck Sales – Port Shepstone

Rhino Truck Sales in Marburg, Port Shepstone are specialists in commercial vehicle sales and custom-made vehicle bodies that requested the fabrication and installation of a large steel structure that ...

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Junk Shop

Junk Shop is a Pongola, Zululand wholesaler whose project consisted of two phases totalling just over 2,500m². The steel roof to be built for phase 1 had a structural size of 38,150 x 44,500 x 5,000...

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Cashbuild Pongola

SpanAfrica pulled out all the stops for the design, build and installation of a Cashbuild hardware store in Pongola – which belongs to one of the largest retailer Groups of building materials and as...

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Pongola Taxi Rank

Attractive and durable transport shelters help to create a practical and user-friendly urban landscape, where locals and visitors can enjoy optimal conditions when using public transport to get around...

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Royal Tea Packers Mini-Factories

This portal frame, terraced-style steel building for Royal Tea Packers in Willowton was to be used as mini-factories for blending and packing of teabags under their own brand names as well as importin...

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Maseko Trust

We built and installed a new steel roof for  Maseko Trust’s upmarket, 600m² Conference Centre located in the heart of Zululand, just past Jozini. Span Africa steel was chosen to handle the roofing...

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Green Mile

Mixed Use Commercial Warehouse Span Africa steel warehouses are widely used in industrial and commercial environments, providing our clients with robust steel structures for their storage and ...

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Thompsons Transport Storage Shed

Many fleets, both public and private, unknowingly undermine the usefulness of their vehicles or cost themselves thousands in unnecessary repairs because of improperly stored vehicles. Always one step ...

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Eco Tanks PMB

Eco Tanks is a leading national manufacturer of standard size and custom rotationally moulded water tanks. For their project in Mkondeni, Pietermaritzburg, Span Africa constructed a 25m x 60m x 6m fro...

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G B Gordon

This is a longstanding client of SpanAfrica whom we are always excited to work with and add value to their business. We were requested to extend an existing Poultry Shed to support its expansion from ...

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Hartley Investments

Making smart business choices is Hartley Investments forte, and having five structures in Willowton, Pietermaritzburg constructed from Span Africa steel was yet another smart investment. Slate IBR 0.4...

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Bruntsfield Catholic Church

For the Bruntsfield Catholic Church it was important to build a strong roofing structure that would keep the premises, its worship team and congregation warm in the winter (by preventing heat from esc...

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Shoprite – Mooi River

Due to our specialist knowledge in the constructional use of steel, it was a no brainer for South Africa’s largest food retailer, Shoprite to choose Span Africa to build a roofing structure for its...

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Mt Verde Warehouse

The warehouse is situated in Mt Verde, an Agricultural Estate in Hilton, with the structure that we built being used for a Macadamia Nut Shed. We designed a 16 x 42 x 5.5 structure using 6-metre bay i...

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Kwa Ngubo School Sports Field

Our steel structures make grandstands even grander, as was done for the grandstand canopy at the Kwa Ngubo Sports Field situated near Tugela Ferry within the Msinga Municipality district. The grandsta...

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Creighton House: Property 2 (Chris)

Constructing structures and roofs with prefabricated steel saves time and is safer and stronger than most building materials, as Chris, owner of Creighton House discovered when Span Africa provided th...

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Creighton House: Property 1 (James)

Constructing structures and roofs with prefabricated steel saves time and is safer and stronger than most building materials, as James, owner of Creighton House discovered when Span Africa provided th...

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Hilton Build It

Even the building professionals call on SpanAfrica Steel Structures when they require the design, fabrication and installation of steel structures to serve as premises for operations. Between 2012/301...

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SRF Flexipack (SA)

SRF Flexipack’s slogan is “we always find a way” and they did, with Span Africa steel for the mono-pitch extension to their existing building. A lattice truss design, supported by central column...

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Madrassa An-Noor (School) for the Blind

Our project for the Madrassa An-Noor (School) for the Blind holds a special place in our hearts as it helped to enhance the educational experience of visually impaired Islamic learners in Cedara. Spa...

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Hilton Business Park

With a rising demand for small-scale factories in Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal, Span Africa got on board with a private developer to help establish a Business Park that would cater to the needs of SMEs in th...

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Steel Facelift Renovation Build For CTM Pietermaritzburg Retail Location

Having originally fabricated and erected the CTM in Pietermaritzburg when the store was being built, Span Africa tendered for the new facelift and was once again awarded the project thanks to the stre...

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Fairfield Dairy

Extending into new business verticals, the owners of Fairfield Dairy are establishing a Micro-Brewery and Coffee Shop in Curry’s Post in the KZN Midlands. Span Africa has been asked to design and su...

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Nu Dawn Eggs Warehouse

Nu Dawn Eggs Distribution Warehouse – Hammarsdale We were thrilled to be part of establishing a modern distribution warehouse for Nu Dawn Eggs that also supports the modernisation of the up-and-comi...

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Mpophomeni Community Hall Cedara

Over the years, Span Africa steel structures have become well known in the Cedara area as a reliable, cost-effective and sustainable choice for Community Halls. Most of these structures are similar in...

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The Highgate Wine Estate

The Highgate Wine Estate in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands required new steel roofing as part of its general upkeep and to maintain the building’s beautiful, rustic look that guests find so appealing. T...

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Izusa Carriers 3-Part Project

In 2020, Span Africa commenced with an exciting three-part project for Izusa Carriers, a transport company boasting an expansive fleet of trucks based in Mpumalanga. Three buildings which included a W...

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Malawi Fertilizer Plant

Span Africa services were required for an international steel structure project by the Malawi Fertilizer Company. We were asked to assist with the design and fabrication of a 15,070m² agricultural st...

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Another Flagship Project

The official inauguration of the new Topigs Norsvin SA units in Villiers was held recently, just 24 months after construction commenced. This project is a notable expansion for Topigs Norsvin SA and c...

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Sack Force

At the end of January, we visited the site of one our completed structures in Ladysmith. It is the proud new 7740 square meter home of Sack Force (Pty) Ltd. Johann Hattingh from Sack Force spoke to us...

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Protea Towers Lusaka

SpanAfrica has been involved with the construction of a multi-storey steel structure in Lusaka, Zambia. ...

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Our Projects

Since 1992, we have focused on four key elements in our business – the design process, our manufacturing.

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