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This portal frame, terraced-style steel building for Royal Tea Packers in Willowton was to be used as mini-factories for blending and packing of teabags under their own brand names as well as importing and exporting of various allied products.

Due to the gradient of the land, Span Africa raised each unit to accommodate the gentle slope of their installation site.  The structure, measuring  15m x 120m x 6m is made from 0.47mm IBR Slate steel sheeting which is a superb cladding and roofing material. It has good drainage characteristics, as well as strength with aesthetic value. The stiffening rib gives added stability. 

The roof has a pitch of 12 degrees allowing for a steady fall for future water harvesting and the steelwork was finished in grey etch primer, with Alucushion providing superior insulation to keep people and products safe at all times. Ampa sheets were incorporated into the steel cladding walls to allow as much natural light in as possible. 

This was a great project which given the space will add a tremendous amount of value in the years to come.    



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