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Nu Dawn Eggs Distribution Warehouse – Hammarsdale

We were thrilled to be part of establishing a modern distribution warehouse for Nu Dawn Eggs that also supports the modernisation of the up-and-coming area.

The steel structure commissioned needed to safely house a substantially large egg count, which averages 360 000 eggs laid daily by a poultry count of 400 000.  The size of the structure erected stand at 51 960m long,  30 092 wide and 7 553 high, offering enough floor space and packing height to support operations. The roof pitch is 5 degrees and Saflok 700® sheeting was used for concealed fix roofing because the sheet is clipped in place, not punctured with fasteners; ensuring the roof is completely watertight even at a very low slope.

Incorporating 75mm FactoryLite insulation helps to regulate indoor temperature and offer exceptional acoustic properties by absorbing and dampening noise. Thank you to Mr Seo Mthethwa and his associates for the opportunity to support the expansion of your business.


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