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Our project for the Madrassa An-Noor (School) for the Blind holds a special place in our hearts as it helped to enhance the educational experience of visually impaired Islamic learners in Cedara.

Span Africa steel was used to erect a new roof for the school hall as steel does not need the costly maintenance that other roofing materials often need. The roof structure size is 31.747m (W) x 34.112m (L) x 1m (H) and is made from IBR sheeting in the colour desert sand. IBR Roof Sheeting is the acronym for Inverted Box Rib and its deep, broad flute design offers excellent drainage characteristics and optimum weight vs load capabilities.

The roof pitch is 7.5 degrees in accordance with South African National Building Regulations for sheet lengths greater than 30m. Lamdaboard, a thermoset foam with high compressive strength and excellent dimensional stability was used for the roof insulation. The material offers long-term thermal resistance and won’t soften, melt or drip when exposed to flames, ensuring an additional layer of safety for the Madressa’s staff, students and parents.


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