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Our steel structures make grandstands even grander, as was done for the grandstand canopy at the Kwa Ngubo Sports Field situated near Tugela Ferry within the Msinga Municipality district.

The grandstand canopy measures 9.15m wide x 53m long x 2.6m high and provides sufficient shade for all seating rows when the sun is at its highest. The roof is finished with a five-degree pitch and is covered with 0.53 Saflock 700 IBR sheeting which has a concealed fix profile as the anchoring system is not visible. This allows unrestrained thermal expansion and contraction.

All steelwork was galvanized allowing for long term durability and the lowest long-term cost, which is ideal for a community sports field located in a remote area, as less maintenance is needed.

Thank you Simandlovu for allowing Span Africa the opportunity to prove that no matter how difficult or remote the projects are, we can deliver quality workmanship built to last.


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