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Izusa Carriers 3-Part Project

In 2020, Span Africa commenced with an exciting three-part project for Izusa Carriers, a transport company boasting an expansive fleet of trucks based in Mpumalanga. Three buildings which included a Wash Bay, Fuel Canopy and Workshop were to be erected and completed in different phases and a predetermined sequence. To maximise the efforts of our team, mitigate delays and minimise overhead crane usage costs, thorough planning was done to ensure that different phases of the building arrived on-site at their precise planned times.

In addition to Span Africa’s presence on-site, the area was also being levelled and tarred by other construction companies, with several concrete trucks moving in and out of the site. These constraints, together with no place to pack and store materials meant that building materials had to be delivered in phases. Our team took these challenges in their stride, successfully completing each phase of the 3-part development on time and budget between 2020 and early 2021.

  • Izusa Carriers Wash Bay

The structure, 9000mm wide x 6700mm high x 24000mm long, was built with fully galvanised steel to prevent rust and corrosion. Reinforced concrete bases were poured for the building foundation as they can withstand a good amount of tensile stress. O.47mm IBR Colorplus sheeting was used for the gable and side sheeting as it provides maximum heat reflectivity which keeps interiors measurably cooler during summer and significantly warmer during winter. 0.47mm IBR Colorplus Bullnose sheeting was used for the roof structure, so that all water from the roof could be harvested and re-used to wash trucks. Installation was completed within five days, with steel weight measuring 5.5 tons and a total building weight of 7 tons across 216 square metres.

  • Izusa Carriers Fuel Canopy

A smaller structure than the Wash Bay, the Fuel Canopy stands 7000mm wide x 5700mm high x 16000mm long, constructed with reinforced concrete bases, steel erecting, sheeting and guttering. Internal sheeting was done upside down so that when looking from the ground, it would present a neat and clean finish. An internal gutter box was used to guide water from the roof to underground drains, while a combination truss design allowing us to create a facia for the ISUZA logos and signage. Installation was completed within six days with steel weight measuring 4.2 tons and a total building weight of 7.10 tons across 112 square metres.

  • Izusa Carriers Workshop

Completed within 21 days, a 30000mm wide x 9979mm high x 30000mm long workshop was built with a reinforced concrete base, steel erecting, sheeting and ten 4,5m x 4m roller doors. Although the installation of roof sheeting on the workshop presented a hurdle due to its length, the properties of bullnose sheeting and high winds in the area, the installation was successfully carried out without hindering project deliverables. The erected, 900 square meter structure weighs 25 tons with 18.7 tons owing to steel weight.

Izusa Carriers 3-Part Project
Izusa Carriers 3-Part Project
Izusa Carriers 3-Part Project
Izusa Carriers 3-Part Project

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