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Making smart business choices is Hartley Investments forte, and having five structures in Willowton, Pietermaritzburg constructed from Span Africa steel was yet another smart investment.

Slate IBR 0.47mm 686 sheeting finished with Battleship Grey paint finish was used across the structures which boast 8-degree pitch roofs. This allows for a steady fall for rainwater to be harvested into storage tanks. The client had bricked up half the sides of each structure and cladded the rest using translucent Ampa sheets to allow natural light to flow unobstructed. The chosen insulation was Alucushion which is acknowledged by the industry as the easiest thermal insulation on the market that has aesthetically pleasing finishes with good light reflectance. Louvres fitted to the sides of the structure allowed for sufficient ventilation. 

The structural size of the five structures combined was 9000m², which is almost 2000m2 larger than a standard soccer field. Timescales in fabricating and erecting all five structures were extremely short, as we needed to meet a quick turnaround, which we accomplished successfully.



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