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Another successful project!

This project is situated around 45 minutes outside of PMB. With the expansion of chicken farms, we are more than happy to assist and work with the turnkey contractors or directly with the client.
This chicken layer measured 15m wide x 117m long. There was no need for ventilation ISO Board was used as insulation. The 10 degree pitch in the roof allows for a steady fall for rain water to be harvested into storage tanks. The roof sheeting choice was the 0.5mm Widespan Galvanized sheets. The steel was finished in a Grey Etched Primer as per our customers spec.

Structure Size: 15m wide x 117m long
Date: October 2021
Sheeting Spec: 0.5mm Widespan Galvanised
Roof Pitch: 10 Degrees
Insulation: 40mm ISO Board
Steel Finish Spec: Grey Etch Primer
Ventilation: None
Structure Use: Chicken Layer Shed


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