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Steel Structure Facelift Renovation Build For CTM Pietermaritzburg Retail Location

Having originally fabricated and erected the CTM in Pietermaritzburg when the store was being built, Span Africa tendered for the new facelift and was once again awarded the project thanks to the strength of our steel, the longevity it provides and our cost-effective pricing.

The facelift included extensions and canopies to the rear of the building as well as a new entrance tower. Due to trade not being halted for the build, our team could only work after business hours which meant a lot of evening work. This presented a challenge due to night-time darkness with scarce light availability, limited space for movement and the presence of several tall palm trees that could not be affected by the installation. Nevertheless, Span Africa did what it does best, and in working closely with the principal contractor, completed the project as promised with the same level of professionalism and expertise we did when erecting the initial building years ago.


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