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Due to our specialist knowledge in the constructional use of steel, it was a no brainer for South Africa’s largest food retailer, Shoprite to choose Span Africa to build a roofing structure for its Mooi River supermarket. Being involved in a project with a brand such as Shoprite is a testament to the level at which we can design, fabricate and install bespoke steel structures across all industry sectors.

The store has 1,904 m2 under roof and structural size of 42,650 x 44,650 x 4,745. The main section measured 25.7 x 44.65 x 4.75, with another section measuring 16.95 x 26.05 x 4.75. We chose 0.5mm IBR ZincAL as the build material, which is a steel coated with aluminium and zinc that protects the roof in two ways:

  • The aluminium coating component provides a tough physical barrier.
  • The zinc within the coating provides sacrificial protection and also protects the steel at the cut edges.

The roof has a 15-degree pitch and was insulated with Lamdaboard to help reduce energy usage in the supermarket. It offers long-term thermal resistance and does not soften, melt or drip when exposed to flames. The roof was given two coats of Eggshell QD Enamel that provided a long-lasting semi-gloss finish. The project was an overall success and Span Africa is proud to have been part of the team that brought this project to life.


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