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Rhino Truck Sales in Marburg, Port Shepstone are specialists in commercial vehicle sales and custom-made vehicle bodies that requested the fabrication and installation of a large steel structure that would serve as their offices and stores. The size of the structure sits at 12m x 18m x 5m.

Chromadek in Traffic Green was the steel sheeting of choice due to its durability. It is lighter and stronger than any other roofing material, providing roofs of up to 80% lighter than those using concrete tiles. This saves on the roof structure, construction time and equally important the cost. The roof pitch is 12 degrees and allows for rainwater harvesting. 

For insulation, energy-efficient Sisalation was used as it is a high-quality reflective foil insulation product that cost-effectively insulates and protects residential, commercial and industrial buildings against heat, cold, dust and moisture, as well as reducing air movement in the roof space.


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