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Structure Size:47.5 x 119 x 7.5 (5652.5m³)
Date: 2022
Sheeting Spec:0.53mm Novatexi 440 Colour plus
Roof Pitch:8Degrees
Insulation: 50mm Starlite White
Steel Finish Spec:2 coast QD Enamel (Battleship Grey)
Ventilation :Ridgevents
StructureUse:Storing finished product

This project which we are currently still in the process of completing is basedat their plant in Boksburg, Gauteng. The new edition measures a whopping 47.5 x 119 x 7.5.This building design boasts of castellated columns and rafters adding a modern aestheticlook and feel.This design allows for a clear span which is an advantage to the clientsotheycan drive theirforklift and stack their sheets without having to consider or risk damaging the structuralintegrity.The roof pitch is 8 degrees and the steel finish was 2 coats of Battleship Grey QD Enamel.Ridge vents run along the entire length of the building allowing for maximum passiveventilation. The insulation of choice was 50mm StarliteWhite which is a fiberglass baseproduct allowing for a better insulation rating for the climatic conditions.PG Bison is a proudly South African company with more than 120 years’ experience increating wood-based panel products.We are proud to havebeen awarded this contract and have enjoyed working with themanagement of P G Bison as well as Bartlett Construction.

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