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Span Africa
Call us on
08 7500 7500
SpanAfrica has been providing poultry houses to the South African poultry industry for many years and have supplied chicken houses and steel buildings for abattoirs, broiler breeders, hatcheries, broiler, layer and other specific sections of the poultry industry.

We have worked with many of the leading poultry equipment suppliers and poultry producers and understand and respect the stringent measures that must be adhered to in order to maintain the bio-security of any poultry operation. 

Our teams do not move from one poultry farm to another in any one day and happily comply with the different bio-security requirements on all the farms we visit.

While to the untrained eye one broiler house or abattoir looks the same as the next, we understand that this is not the case and so work closely with the farm managers and owners to fit in with their specific design requirements, terrain conditions and loading requirements.
To view pictures of our agricultural poultry structures please visit our gallery here

See Our Factory in Action

<p>See Our Factory in Action</p>