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Call us on
08 7500 7500
We understand that dairy sheds come in different sizes with vastly different performance requirements depending on the size of the herd and the needs of the farmer.

A dairy herd spends a significant proportion of any given day in and around the milking parlour and therefore the herd has to be as comfortable as possible in that environment in order to optimize milk production.

With this in mind, our milking sheds can be designed, fabricated and installed as either rotary or herringbone designs and we work closely with dairy equipment specialists to ensure the building you purchase will meet all their loading, ergonomic and floor requirements.

We have handled projects from as small as a 30 herd milking shed up to a first of its kind deep litter dairy housing unit in Mauritius called an animal "hotel".

To view some of our dairy projects go to our Dairy Gallery here.

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<p>See Our Factory in Action</p>