Our industrial and commercial division deals with a wide variety of commercial steel buildings, pre-engineered steel buildings, prefabricated steel buildings and other steel structures.

While we have developed a range of standard building formats for use when cost effectiveness is the primary driver, we typically construct our steel commercial buildings on a once-off, tailor-made basis to fit specific client needs and conditions.

Designs can be green fields based or can be extensions and mezzanines on existing structures. Every design is specific and can be tailored to cater for anything from mono-rails and dual rails to overhead cranes.

Our project management teams work well with architects and we are often asked for advice on the best options to ensure a cost efficient solution, while maintaining the aesthetics that the industrial or commercial sector requires. Our teams also work on structural steel designs interpreted from architects’ drawings.

Our site teams work well with other on-site contractors and we prioritize relationships with other site crews, building solid lines of communication with all on-site crews to minimise delays.

Our prefabricated steel buildings are designed, fabricated and installed taking price, time frame and desired outcomes into account. We can work directly with you or partner with the professional team you bring on board for the project’s duration.

While some of our clients like us to make up the entire professional team pulling in the various skills we have within our organization, some prefer to use the skills of people with whom they have existing relationships, and we are happy to work with them.

We have successfully delivered prefabricated steel buildings for use as factories, shopping malls, manufacturing plants, cold storage, multi-level buildings, car dealerships and showrooms, among others. 
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